will my crowning be glorious?
wrestling into the fold of that last dawn,
will You be glad dearest Lord, when You turn to look,
and see the travail of Your soul?

when i stand before You,
with a wild, bametass shout,
wreathed in blood and laurels and glory
what is it You will see?

yes, for there is glory in blood,
and there is beauty, in extremity.

and there is a way, to name one’s self with You,
the Warrior from Eternity
and be glad,
to live as one acquainted with the wars.

weeping the wide-open tears,
of those who overcome,
blessing You,
for Your streaming, raked nakedness.
Your nailed through resistance and surrender,
withstanding with broken hearted strength
the limitless wrath of God,
more throwingly vast,
than the eternity of the whole world.

remade, i take my nature from You,
Redeemer and Sacrifice and Champion,
bloodstained pleasure of the Father,
i fight the battles you tell me to,
fired, annealed, drawn-through,
with the iron that did enter Your own soul.

bought and sired in Your deepest extremity,
born by battle, won in travail,
impossible, outright Savior,
Whom i will follow after, taming the steeds of eternity,
swept in Your white overcoming train,
all of that company,
the bloody advance of Your own soul.

i do stand, with my destiny in my hand,
and hurl the white stone, that bears my ineffable, sonship name,
into the ringing arc, of Our victorious eternity.

soldered against this world
made out of stronger stuff than dust and time,
unamazed, and unafraid,
i will rise over the crest of eternity,
spouting aurora, ecstatic as the sun,
crying tears that have no grief,
for i am battle-born.

“To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with Me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne.”  ~ Revelation 3:21


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