“Who would have thought my shrivel’d heart
Could have recovered greennesse?”

“greennesse”, silently leaps
along the withe,
of all my days,
returning crisp, this morning,

creeping constant,
even along the wind-drift seasons, dyed deep with picasso blue.

i turn my head to listen
with inward eyes,
and with my drawing breath, push out a dazzling light,
glowing along the cusp
of a learning-to behold-and-to-believe
trembling heart.

grows, and startles
how can it be ever new?
browned in the depths of my only hell,
(for because of Your misery, Lord, this is the only hell i will ever know)

brining, seeping, pondering,
climbing, clambering again,
a thinking, real, stintless green,
that shows it’s face, always ready to begin,
with a purity that makes me marvel,
truly startled,

for living hearts, have a way of living still
and the pheonix rises many times, before finally joining the Sun.

maybe it is, just as Your poet said-
“killing and quickning, bringing down to hell
and up to heaven in an hour” 


O’ God,
my God of living-through and living-again,
with riven, wise growing, eyes,
i see and recall
Your faithful footprints, all through
my deepest, earth-bound hell.

but also, Savior,
i tell of,
Your nearness, coming close, and pressing near
unabashedly believing
in Your power to save.
You layYour heart to mine
speaking the words, Your Words
that raise canticles,
of growing things,
such trellised vines,
of praise.

a tangle of living, acknowledging,
coming new and constant,
from the time of my birth
until today.

i draw in my breath,
and curl small,
to listen

pressed against You
by ring

the sap, and the growing
of Your marvelous, sufficient grace
always enough, even through droughts and fires
and whatever may be
presented under the guise-
the endless night and morning succession of:

O’ my Youth, my Eternal Delight,
O’ my Greennesse,
i thank You
for a life that is hidden, and a life that is green,

rushless and inviolate, kept in realms of heaven,
in which we will glory, and over which we will resound
through the coming eternity,

for Your garrish aliveness,
that visited me
and would not let me go.
carrying me through,
all the “today’s” You had written,
when as yet there were none.


For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
~ Colossions 3:3

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
~ Romans 8:31

*Quotes taken from The Flower by George Herbert (1633)


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