To all blood-bought children of God, a meditation on joy…

with the precious blood,
the Lord God of Hosts
saw fit,
to shed for me.

in reconciliation,
by the well-paid price, of the Lamb,
who sits forever enthroned
above the circle of the earth,
ceaselessly beholding all things,

-watched the line of my perishing soul,
and tilted its arch, toward eternity.

whispering close,
i know, my whole being, with its everlasting destiny
was not purchased with perishable things-
silver or gold,

redeemed to life,
by a death,
that was died for me,
i die to the world,
and all its weather.

let winter and want,
frost their most bitter cold.
let loss and longing
set their encampments around my eyes,
let the brokenhearted wilderness of this world,
crest and freeze, cruel and deep.

i will warm my hands all-through,
lifted around the grate,
of His persistent nearness,
which makes my blood beat whole.

ensconced, enthroned,
at a table,
set in the presence of my enemies
the reality,
the salt taste of life,

i smile,
with a purchased look,
of rose-fired freedom.
for see, my forehead is written over,
against all the slavery of this world
with a sonship name.

because somehow,
i have died,
but now,
only now i truly live,
and partake of joyous, shouting things,
that can never die.

i hear the whine of weariness
the almost mirth of complaint,
but i smile,
all velvet within,
purchased beyond compassion,

spoiled, lavished,

i stare back into the eyes of
with the un-flustered permanence,
of one built out of more,
than time.

turning a blazing gaze
on winter itself,
with one purchased,
rejoicing prayer,

i conquered all things,
that dared to diminish my joy…

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.” ~ 1 John 3:1a


4 Replies to “Inheritance”

  1. Ceaselessly beholding all things… and upholding them by the word of His power. This is one of my favorite images of our Lord. Thank you for setting it into such a beautiful wreath of words…

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