Fearfully promised, wonderfully made

is there a way to praise You,
enough, Lord, today?
as i realize, freely,

that truly,
i am,




a marble-throated,

the irridescence
of Your thoughts toward me,
O’ God,
shine, with tears and blessing.

what is more- because of Your own sorrow,
Your bleak struggle, in the flesh-
every sickness,
must eventually,
and every earthen sorrow,
must indeed,
give up,
what it has lost.

because of Your suffering,
for me,
even this perishable,
will put on
what is, imperishable…. Your very self

and every step,
only brings us closer
to that silvered, gala day.

but even now,
i do bear,
the indelible prints
of Your creating love.

praising You,
i hold Your presence,
Your treasure,
in this earthen vessel of mine,
waiting for redemption


the first-fruits,
of the hope,

that soon,
coming up, over the hill of eternity
in my flesh,
i shall see God.

and the wholeness of that day,
will go up, like a shout.
rolling out
like glory- studded cotton,
from it’s boll,
glistening-because of a promise,

You made to this, adam’s race
from everlasting,
long ago.

that You, cresting the ridge of that last hill,
will greet us, one by one,
to whisper,

“now your’e whole…”


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