“Of Benjamin he said, The beloved of Jehovah shall dwell in safety by him; He covereth him all the day long, And he dwelleth between his shoulders.” ~ Deuteronomy 33:12

voluminous and easy,
You lift the downy awning, the underside of Your gentle arm,
over me.

because, Lord,

today, this very tired day,
i need Your exquisite sabbath,
the fair winds of Your close-pressed favor,
the smiling of Your eyes, 

for You,
You only and altogether,
comprise all the hope,
of my bracing soul.

You always know,
when to walk by,
soft-stepping and slow
to give
what is only Yours
and belongs to You,
that is….
Your perfect rest.

how gladly You offer again,
the lee-side of Your protection,
that place between Your humble shoulders,
where many a tired dove, Lord, has nestled
and tittered herself to sleep.

…for in You, even the sparrow finds a home,
and the swallow, a nest for herself.
even at Your altars, O Lord God of hosts….

and so, i surrender
and curl into the welcome, welter of Your love,
that well-worn, always comfortable place,
in the overcoat of Your righteousness…

i do, compose my soul
as You come,
voluble and still…
talking, and un-talking, like the spiced air of summer,
understanding and bedding close,
speaking and listening all at once
with Your immense, white silence.

i lay my head,
in that place of chalcedone cool,
the perfect, contented, forgetfulness
of Your presence.

You will not wake me,
if i sleep.


in Your gracious, smiling stillness

indeed Lord,
i do,

find rest….



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